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Margot and Matt have been helping people find that perfect Caribbean home, business opportunity or investment since 1998. They first discovered Roatan in 1995, promptly bought a piece of land and put a plan into action to move to Roatan. The investment potential was obvious even then. They originally started selling real estate for one of the more established companies in 1998, became partners in that business in 2001 and then branched out on their own. In 2002 they opened their own company, Margot and Matt and Associates.

Roatan is a more diverse island than most people realize. Margot and Matt understand this and the importance of educating their clients before they make their purchase. The north shore and the south shore offer different advantages. Western and eastern ends of the island appeal to different investors with varying wants and needs. It is important that the purchasers understand market conditions that influence pricing on Roatan before making a decision. Margot and Matt show their clients a variety of properties and explain the differences between the properties. They have found that an educated investor makes informed decisions and has a much higher comfort level making a purchase in a foreign country.

Some companies specialize in particular developments or areas of the island. Having sold real estate on Roatan since 1998, Margot and Matt are knowledgeable with individual properties and developments in all areas of the island. They've also lived in different areas of the island and so know many of the communities personally. This knowledge is key in helping their clients make informed decisions. By selecting Margot and Matt, investors assure themselves of the personal knowledge about the entire island and not just one part of it. Their company was one of the first to recognize a need for an association of REALTORS and an MLS and they are founding members. Margot and Matt work closely with all the members of the association in order to be able to find the best property for their client's needs.

Margot and Matt are your one stop resource for real estate on Roatan. Beginning with your search for property, continuing on to a successful closing and following up with exceptional after sales service. Finding the right property with the client is only the first step of the process. Margot and Matt work closely with Honduras's top legal firms, title companies from the US, engineers and surveyors to make sure your Caribbean purchase is a positive and successful experience.

The relationship doesn't stop at closing. Margot and Matt remember some of the challenges when they first moved to Roatan. They depended upon their new friends to help them make a smooth transition to island living. Questions like: "Should I buy a car at home and ship it to the island or buy one once I get there; Any suggestions for a builder?; Who has the best selection of plumbing parts?" Margot and Matt realize they are ambassadors on the island and their goal is to make your adjustment to island living trouble free. Please read about other's experiences dealing with Margot and Matt.

Call or email Margot and Matt today and benefit from their island knowledge and experience.

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